Steps To Building A Custom Home

Many of our clients are building a custom home for the first time, and have questions regarding what this process really entails. The following overview provides an introduction to the steps involved.

1. The Consultation. George and Kathleen will meet with you, and carefully listen to your needs and wishes. They will then question you on the must haves and give you an approximate costing.

2. Your budget. Establish a budget for your new home, by adding or eliminating items to the wish list. George and Kathleen are both very good at helping you keep within your budget without cutting corners.

3. Pick a lot. Select a lot which meets your criteria and the plan you have in mind as well as location, size, view, price etc…

4. Put a Hold on “your” lot. Enter into a lot hold agreement guided by George and Kathleen.

5. Customize your home plan. Meet with George and/or Kathleen to discuss the preliminary design and introduce your own ideas and requirements.

6. More Budget Review. Establish a list of finishing details and requirements.

7. Confirm a price on your new home. Based on the preliminary design and finishing details George and Kathleen will estimate the price of your customized home on the lot of your choice.

8. Sign on the dotted line. Enter into a New Home Building contract once blueprints and specification details are completed with adjustments in pricing due to the change of dimensions, square footage, etc that have occurred during the blueprint process. This blueprint process can take a few weeks or months, it is up to you to make only a few changes or many. We want you to truly take your time to customize “your” home.

9. During Construction. Work closely with Settlers’ Grant Homes throughout the building process. We will update you at a minimum weekly, of what is happening to your home and request input during the construction process.

10. After Sales Service. George and Kathleen stand by their work, after the project is completed. Kathleen lives in Settlers’ Grant and enjoys many friendships with past clients.

11. Get to know your neighbours. Past customers of Settlers’ Grant Homes are amazing, pleasant and welcoming people that have been a delight to work with during a long complex construction process, so one can only imagine what a great neighbour they will make.