About Us

George Pollman:

George has been a co-owner of Settlers’ Grant for over 20 years and has recently become the president of the company. This project has been a work of dedication, creativity and determination which he has implemented throughout his home building history. He is responsible for working with clients, local businesses and subcontractors in a timely fashion to construct dream homes within Settlers’ Grant. With a background in carpentry and the experience and time he has devoted to the company, the homes he has built thus far are beyond comparison to any other homes in North Grenville. His vision for the company reflects his ideology for functional unique homes that are built for individual and family needs while maintaining the highest order of craftsmanship and personable client relationships.

Kathleen Pulfer:

Kathleen is the newest member of the Settler’s Grant family and is our administrative manager and bookkeeper. She works at accomplishing a number of things but most importantly she deals with introducing new clients and interested individuals to the world of true custom home building. With a degree in mass communication, a business certificate in bookkeeping and a graduate certificate in event management, Kathleen has implemented her knowledge of social media, marketing, business, communication and organization to bring the company into the 21st century. Her mission with us so far has been to represent the company at Municipal events and meetings in North Grenville and to help the company in becoming more locally active to increase community awareness.